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In this section of the website, we will present another generation of Internet services and services. The most commonly used services, called Web Services, are nowadays a well-known and vital part of the Internet. Mainly web service users, web site managers and webmasters because Web services act as intermediaries and service providers or website production information packets for another website, and the function of the present system follows the same rule Is.

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The goal of website administrators and and Internet systems is to provide instantaneous rates of gold, coins, etc., attracting more audiences, and it is obvious that the respondent is looking for a reference to control the correct and accurate rates. In the web service mentioned above, this is a guarantee that this guarantee will be backed up by our control and monitoring team. In this section, in addition to the process of price control, in the internal dimension, all of them are checked with valid and effective internal sources, and in external dimensions, in all of these cases, the reference will be controlled, and corrected in the event of an error. This monitoring system is implemented in two ways. First, in an automated and systematic way, and second, for the reliability and integrity of the system, by the human agent that applies.

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Technical Services

Considering that the websites that can use this service have increased, and from the programming and technical aspects of different languages, different frameworks, or content management systems, etc. In some cases, it is doubtful that the combination of the service received with the destination website code is not readily available and sometimes requires changes or modifications that our technical team, while advising and cooperating with the destination website, will, if necessary, resolve the issue or enforce it. Reforms will be required so that the service in question is properly implemented and coordinated on the destination website.

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Support 24 x 7

Internationally, the process and quality of support are among the most important evaluation indicators for a desirable web service, and determine the distinction between a quality service and the other. In providing a service that is itself related to financial markets, and even online and offline financial markets, even though there is no formulation, support is very important. Our support team, using a variety of tools and maintaining continuity and continuity in serving customers and requests from these loved ones, and in addition to all of these options, guarantees the non-interruption or disruption of the system, and in case of interruption Or possible defects, customer responses will continue to fully resolve the issue and to provide customer satisfaction to this process.

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In order for the collaboration process to be easy, the service is presented in the form of a trial and short-term, so that during this period, the accepting website is able to test the received service in its technical platform, and its deficiencies or technical interactions Check it out. In this course, our technical team provides, in addition to providing guidance, the necessary cooperation. This is a one-week trial period, during which the client-side packages are delivered to the customer exactly the same as the original.

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Services Price

Various methods are available for calculating and receiving the costs of this type of service globally, but the total of our studies has led us to combine a number of these methods with the price-appropriate traffic formula, which is fairly equitable The best way to rate is to fit the power of the media and website owners. In this way, the service recipients (websites) are divided into 4 categories in proportion to the number of visitors to your site and a different price level is considered for each one. In fact, the websites that use this service for more audiences are used. They will pay a higher price.

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